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Since I’m not good at making Reaction Videos, I’ll just do a review instead.
While watching the MV, I couldn’t help but smile throughout the whole thing.! I mean come on! I’ve been waiting for their comeback.! This comeback! And I gotta say, daaaaayuuum they returned handsome as ever.! I really love Sungjong and Sungyeol’s hair in the MV .! Sunggyu showed up tons of time, so I got lots of screen shots of him ❤ anyways, the song was sooooo catchy and the Ooooo~ ohmygawwd.! I love the Ooooo part.! It sooo addicting <3 the song is the best. The MV was as well.! Of course DAEBAK.!!! The moves are in sync as always.! And by The way, this is Version B?! Meaning….. THERE’S GOING TO BE ANOTHER ONE.!!!!!! Gyaaaaah.! I can’t wait!!!
So before watching the MV, I posted up this picture of them saying that this MV wa going to come out soon in a few hours, but when I went to look at woolliment on YouTube a few mins after posting that picture, I saw that it was already post 😑
Ohhhh well!! Anyways going back to the MV, talking about hair, jongie and yeolie are my favoorite.!! Gyu, dong, and hyunnie… Not sooo much.. But I still love them anywaays.!!
Alsoooooo… I love that little claw thing on Myungsoo! It’s soo cool!! I want it 😆 anywaays, going to the dance moves…. WOW!
Just FANASTIC!! That’s INFINITE for you.!!! It’s soooooo good!! I just want to learn the dance moves right not and dance to it!! And of course say the ooo’s part.
Also, my favorite part in the MV is at the end when they all disappear and burn and stuff.!! It was just sooo cool <3 plus, 2 Sungjong?! Haha, I bet leadergyu would have a hard time taking care of two sungjongies.!! Kekekeke ^^ I love how the fire was on yeolie.. I mean he looked sooo cool with that fire on his hand.! It kind of reminds me of Chanyeol and his Fire power.. And since they both have ‘yeol’ in their name, it’s just so, cool.!!! Lmfaao EXO and infinite connection??? Kekekeke ^^
Also their voice.!!! I love how Yeol is starting to have more and more singing parts!!! I mean hi voice is sooo good.! Woohyun and Sunggyu voices are just asdffghjkl as always xD
Gawd… I’ve waited for this MV for a long time……. Okay I admit, it wasn’t that long..


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