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Husbands: Chanyeol Park and Ryosuke Yamada

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What EXO likes aesthetically


remember this scenario is written by a lonely 16 yr old Californian so don’t be sad if these descriptions don’t match you otl, this is just what I think, k lovelies? ^ ^  ♥

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*teacher calls on kris to read in class*
*class groans in unison*

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Reblog if you want a fanfic in your ask.

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I’m so disappointed. Does anyone remember how Tumblr used to be? It was an escape. An escape from bullies, bitches, stress, hard times, family problems, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends. What the fuck has it become? Just scrolling through my dashboard, I’ve seen at least 3 people being sent abuse and hate. Take a step back and think about who the fuck you are and what the fuck you are doing. That’s not what tumblr’s about. If you are against hate, then reblog this.

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